Practical Dental Assisting of Oregon -

                                  Tuition                                       $5,595.00
                                  Books                                        $550.00
                                  Supplies & Testing Fees           $800.00
                                  Uniform                                    $50.00
                                  Total Program Cost:                 $6,995.00
Due to the duration of our program, we do not qualify for government financial aid.  However, our students have found that student loans can be obtained through their local bank or credit union, depending on credit score. 
CPR Training,  DANB application fee for Radiology certification, and ADAA membership are included in tuition cost.  DANB fees for re-takes will be the students responsibility.  Upon enrollment, students will be issued textbooks and scrubs. 
$1,400.00 (20% down payment) is required at the time of enrollment.
The remaining balance of $5,595.00 is due two weeks before the start of class. 
Come train at one of the best Dental Assisting schools in Oregon!!

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